Could you tell me more about your wedding?

Our wedding was on 6th April 2019 at the Brig o’ Doon hotel. It was the most amazing day ever and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Did you go for a specific theme for your wedding?

No there wasn’t a specific theme, we chose things and colours we liked, and it turned into a bit of a rustic woodland theme. It was in April so it was a bit of a gamble weather wise, but we got lucky and had a beautiful day.

What made you decide on a bespoke gown at Mirka Bridal Couture?

I chose Mirka because they totally got my idea of what I wanted for my dress. They looked at pictures of the styles I liked, advised on the best shape for my figure and showed me lots of different material samples to choose from.

The first pencil sketch they showed me had absolutely everything I wanted on it, and any amendments to the design I made were not trouble at all for Mirka to do.

Tell us more about your dress?

It is ivory with a lace bodice and full skirt with lace trim around the bottom and the train. Mirka also made me a matching veil using the same lace from my dress for the edging. It fits perfectly and the materials are excellent quality, and although it’s a heavy dress with lace and beading, it didn’t feel heavy on, but was heavy enough that it gave plenty of structure so that it was always sitting correctly in pictures, or the train fanned out correctly when walking.

I would love to wear it again so I’m now trying to persuade my husband to get back into our outfits for more photos!

How could you describe your experience at Mirka Bridal Couture?

It was brilliant from day one. From chatting to Mirka and Maja, designing the dress and then through the fittings. And even though I picked up my dress a little while before my wedding, they asked I come in for a final fitting a week or so before to make sure it fitted perfectly and last minute alterations could be made. I was totally comfortable and not self conscious at all. The first fitting wasn’t the most exciting, but from then on watching it build and take shape, it just got better and better, I cried a little when I saw the finished dress on the mannequin because it was that beautiful!

Do you have any advice for future Mirka Bridal Couture brides who are looking for bespoke gowns?

Pick a few photo designs that you like to show for inspiration, even if it’s just the top of this dress, and the skirt of that one, and then just trust them. They know what they are doing and will make sure your dress is perfect for you and your wedding. Trust their knowledge and you will love a unique dress that no one else has had.

Photographer – Martin Leckie

Location – Brig o’ Doon Hotel, Ayrshire