Thought of having a matching dress with your follower girl?

Let’s start with the fact that most girls dream of wearing a beautiful dress so no matter who they match or if they match being a flower girl is a dream come true!

There are a few options for flower girl outfits – one that is unique and doesn’t match with anyone, one that matches the bridesmaids dresses and one that matches the bride.

We have you covered on all basis!

Matching doesn’t have to be the exact design, there are more subtle ways of doing it.

The most popular one amongst our brides is using the same lace or the same appliqués while keeping the design completely different.

Like the image below, which features our new wedding dress Celine and new flower girl dress Aria with matching floral 3D lace.


You might decide that you’d prefer for your flower girls to match with your bridesmaids. In which case we suggest either matching colours or the whole design – depending on what the age of your flower girls and whether the design is appropriate for the younger ones.

Our Bride Sarahanne opted for the same denim blue satin for all of her bride squad but picked less grown up design for her flower girls.



And that’s not where the options end! Our bride Louise decided on matching the fabrics of her flower girls with her mum’s outfit. We used the same lace and the same gold satin for the three dresses. Did you notice that we also picked lace with a similar motif to Louise’s wedding dress?


Whatever you decide to go for, whether it’s matching or not your little girls will be happy with a beautiful dress made by Mirka.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services give me a call and I will be happy to help!


Head Stylist