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Struggling to find your dream wedding dress in traditional bridal boutiques? Don’t panic or give up the hunt! Designing a bespoke wedding dress from scratch with Mirka Bridal Couture might just be the answer.

With years of experience helping struggling brides-to-be create their perfect gowns, designer Mirka is your wedding dress saviour! Based in her Kirkcaldy shop and studio, she makes every single one of her beautiful dresses from start to finish.

From the cut and fit to the fabric and appliqués, you’ll get to decide every single detail of your bespoke wedding dress.

So where to start?! Here’s an insider guide to getting a custom-made gown from one of Scotland’s finest wedding dress designersBLOG POST 2.


Mirka will need at least six months to work on your dress, although some brides have their first appointment as early as two years in advance!

“Bring someone with you to your first appointment,” advises Mirka. “While the consultant will assist you, no one knows you better than yourself and your friends or family!”


Mirka Bridal Couture offers an extremely personal service, so your first appointment will take up to two hours. You’ll meet Mirka (who’ll sketch up initial dress ideas), see the studio and have a good chat with your stylist, who will be your main point of contact throughout.



Before your first appointment, have a think about what you’re looking for and the things you liked or disliked about other dresses you’ve seen (this will really help your stylist!). The more visual aids you have the better, so Mirka recommends starting a Pinterest board of inspiration.


Selecting a fabric will be one of your biggest decisions, and luckily Mirka has lots of options! Your stylist will help identify the best ones to suit your style of dress, but don’t worry if you don’t spot a winner right away they’ll do extra research to find your perfect material.


Setting a clear budget from the start is a win-win move. Your stylist will save time by only working with affordable fabrics and won’t accidentally tempt you with a dress that’s way out of budget.

Just like your wedding, creating a custom-made dress with Mirka Bridal Couture is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it’s a responsibility they take seriously. They’ll pour love and thought into your design, turning your dress into a true keepsake you can treasure forever.


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