Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, below we answered the most frequently asked questions.

How long in advance should I order my wedding dress?

The delivery time set individually depending on the date of the wedding and specific model. Normally, it is best to order a dress approx. 6-9 weeks before the wedding, especially when it comes to weddings held in high season, between May and October.

What is the process of an order?

After selecting dresses from our collection, the client is measured and we meet for the first fitting, where the base of the dress is being fitted.
Each dress is sewn in our workshop and is made to measure especially for you.

How many fittings will be needed to make the dress?

To make your dress we will need at least two fittings. Sometimes additional fittings will be required.

Is it possible to modify the models from the collection?

Each dress in our studio is tailor made, so some modifications are possible at the request of clients. We have a wide selection of fabrics available for our clients to see. Of course any such amendments must be approved by us.

Do you make bespoke wedding dresses according to the client’s idea?

Yes, we do offer bespoke wedding dresses. In the case of individual design, you should make an appointment by telephone for a meeting with the designer, together with whom we can develop your dream wedding dress. Due to the individual nature of this work the time scale is extended.

How to prepare for the first visit in the salon?

Please call to arrange a specific date. On your first visit it is good to wear white / skin colour underwear. Please restrain from wearing strong makeup (foundation, powder, lipstick), and imposing body oils, tanning lotions on the day of your visit. Of course you can bring your friends and family to help you make the best choice. The first meeting takes approx. 1 hour.

What to bring to the first fitting?

You can bring your wedding shoes if you have already picked them but do not worry if you don’t have any heels with you, we can provide a little stool! Please wear white or skin colored underwear.

Should I inform you about any planned diet?

Please inform about any planned weight change when signing the agreement to make sure we plan fittings accurately. If there’s a change in sizes please let us know as soon as possible by calling us.